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Hannu Huhtamo (Helsinki, Finland)

, PSY Acoustics
Hannu Huhtamo is a visual artist from Helsinki, Finland. Since 2008 Hannu has been working on light art and long exposure photography. With different kinds of light sources he creates new worlds into darkness and paints the unseen seen. Hannu’s light art photography consists of amazing symmetrical light flowers, fauna, and luminous sculptures which he draws into various locations along the elements of the current environment and ambient lighting. Unusual and forgotten places in the city outskirts become a surreal scene for his art.
Hannu is also part of the Valopaja light art collective that organizes workshops and interactive live light painting performances in which the audience has the opportunity to be a part of the show by creating light art of their own.
Hannu’s work has gained a lot of attention in the art world all over the Internet and has been featured in various magazines, blogs, music videos and news channels like CNN and Discovery Channel. He also cooperates with artists worldwide and with brands such as LED light manufacturer LED LENSER.

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