New Artist Addition! – Rockromatic

We are excited to announce a new artist addition to the PSY Acoustics family, Rockromatic (Ryan Rabbles) from Las Vegas, NV!

“Hi, I’m Ryan and I am the artist behind RockChromatic. I am based out of Las Vegas, where I create all types of music-related artwork. My passion for rock music and art drives this collection of work. 
The pieces you see here are created from a revolving mixed-medium process that utilizes both digital and traditional methods. A layout and “art blueprint” is created digitally, and I paint from that. Acrylic paint, heavy texture and varnish are added to the final pieces. 

I’m able to rock out to all my favorite bands and musicians, while I create these unique pieces. Visit to see our large collection of hundreds of various musicians on canvas and photopaperI do custom work also! Send me a live chat on my site, or email me

Click here to check out Rockromatic’s catalog!

, PSY Acoustics

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