Hello world.

My name is Jesse Scott and I am the founder of PSY Acoustics. I have been a producer/engineer for 25 years. Over the course of my extensive career, I’ve worked on a number of projects with major players from Madonna, to David Bowie, to Adam Lambert & Deadmau5. It’s been a long & crazy ride, but during these last two and a half decades, I’ve definitely learned how to make audio sound great.

I started this company in 2018 after realizing that the plain, solid colored panels most people were using, were actually quite boring. I decided to combine high resolution art and sound dampening into one unified product along with Wifi controllable LED front and back lighting. It wasn’t long until numerous people were asking how to get their hands on them.

And so it began…

After consulting with several professional acousticians about construction early on, we soon came to learn that there wasn’t anything technically groundbreaking about the way other professional acoustic panel companies were constructing their products, especially when it came to the core materials they were using (See “How Do They Sound?”). As a matter of due diligence, we purchased a variety of panels from our competitors for comparison sake, and very quickly realized that even though the panels that we were making were sonically identical, they were substantially better in terms of overall build quality (fabric, framing materials, etc.), and even priced equally or even lower in some cases.

We spent the first 4 years cultivating exclusive relationships with top-end visual artists from around the world, and meticulously curated nearly 2000 unique pieces of art for the catalog. And while we know that we still have a long way to go in terms of creating a collection of imagery that speaks to widest array of customers, we are still very proud to present an international collection of high-end artwork that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

But we didn’t stop there. Despite having such a big catalog of imagery, we knew that customization was going to be our biggest selling point, and indeed, our most popular products are custom panels with artwork submitted by the customer. We even offer Pantone color matching for those who still fancy the minimal look and prefer solid colors. And pretty soon, we’ll even be offering projection mapping!

Now in our 5th year, we’ve expanded past music studios and have ventured into the gaming world, streaming studios, podcast studios, home theaters, restaurants, clubs, hotels… basically any place that has a need for impeccable sound, along with a slick aesthetic.

If you want your space to sound perfect, and also, stand out from the rest, then you’ll absolutely LOVE our products.

Create your dream space.

– Jesse / CEO & Co-Founder