We are excited to announce that we will be releasing a brand new line of acoustic art panels this summer! Sign up for our mailing list to get updates. In the mean time, here are the prices and differences between our current Pro Line, and the NuSoniq line.

, PSY Acoustics

PSY Acoustics Pro Line – Starting at $149

  • For audio/video professionals who are serious about getting the full spectrum of frequencies under control in their space. 4″ thick panels (also known as bass traps) are effective at absorbing all frequencies.
  • For individuals needing professional support / recommendations for the best room configuration possible.
  • For individuals who are looking for panel sizes beyond 2′ x 2′ and 2′ x 4′, or custom built sizes for unique situations.
  • For individuals who want access to an ever-growing exclusive art collection.
  • For individuals wanting professional products that are hand-made out of wood & other high end materials instead of mass produced from plastic.
  • For individuals who are looking to go all the way with the aesthetic of their room, with WiFi controllable RGB back lighting and RGBW front lighting options.
, PSY Acoustics

NuSoniq by PSY Acoustics – Starting at $99

  • For entry level/intermediate musicians, producers, & engineers who are on a budget. 2″ thick panels are most effective at absorbing frequencies at 500hz and above. (Not recommended for getting low mid range or bass under control).
  • For gamers/streamers/content creators/home office workers who are looking to get room reflections under control, but want something better than less effective foam paneling.
  • For individuals who don’t need professional support configuring their space.
  • For individuals who want acoustic panels with not only cool art, but also RGB LED back lighting included (at no extra charge!)
  • For individuals who only need 2′ x 2′ & 2′ x 4′ sized panels.
  • For individuals who want their own custom art printed, or don’t mind stock library art.

PSY Acoustics Pro Line

NuSoniq by PSY Acoustics

Exclusive Artist Catalog Yes No
Stock Art Catalog Yes Yes
Custom Sizes Yes No
Available Thickness 2″, 4″  2″
Available Standard Sizes 2′ x 2′, 3′ x 3′, 4′ x 4′, 2′ x 4′, 72″ x 40″ (Cloud), 2′ x 4′ Cascade 2′ x 2′, 2′ x 4′
Wifi / Smart Phone Controllable RGBW LED Front Lighting Option Yes (Optional) No
Wifi / Smart Phone Controllable RGB LED Back Lighting Option Yes (Optional) YES. Comes standard!
Frame Material Maple Plywood Plastic
Double Wrapped Yes

No. * (See notes at bottom)

Core Material Mineral Wool Mineral Wool
NRC Rating 4″ Thick – 1.10 / 2″ Thick – 1.00 2″ Thick – 1.00
Print Custom Artwork Yes (Included in Price) Yes ($49 extra per panel)
Dreamstime.com Imagery Downloads Yes (Included in Price) Not Included
Mounting Kits Comes Standard (Wall, Cable, Ceiling) Comes Standard (Wall)
Assembly Process Hand-Made Mass Produced
Room Setup Consultation Yes (Included in Price – Requires $50 Deposit – Good Towards Pro Line Products) Not Included
2′ x 2′ Price $149 Base / $225 with LED Back Lighting $99 Base / $149 with Custom Imagery
2′ x 4′ Portrait Price $225 Base / $299 with LED Back Lighting $149 Base / $199 with Custom Imagery
2′ x 4′ Landscape Price $225 Base / $299 with LED Back Lighting $149 Base / $199 with Custom Imagery
Discount Coupons Applicable Yes No


*Although we use the same front fabric and printing method for the NuSoniq line as the Pro Line, the double wrapping on the Pro Line creates a darker contrast making the art “pop” more than the NuSoniq line, which isn’t double wrapped.

Room acoustics describes how sound behaves in a space. If the room has no sound absorbing surfaces (wall, roof and floor), the sound will bounce between the surfaces and and will not be heard accurately. This is because the listener hears both the direct sound and reflected sound waves, simultaneously. This causes “standing waves” in the room which translate to spikes and dips in the overall EQ curve of the speakers. The result is an inaccurate representation of the sound, and typically causes the listener to make poor mix choices.

Make no mistake, our products aren’t just for show, they’re PROFESSIONALLY designed studio grade acoustic panels with an NRC rating of 1.10. All of our panel cores are made of a 3.5 inch thick, non-toxic material called mineral wool (which in most cases, performs better than standard fiberglass cores). When the sound wave penetrates the core, the sound energy through friction is changed into heat. The residual sound that doesn’t get absorbed on the way in bounces off the back wall and then back through the panel a second time for even more sonic absorption.