Neon Vines (Austin, TX USA)

Neon Vines is an electronic multi-instrumentalist and producer from Austin, Texas. She comes from an acoustic background in music, having studied both classical piano and drums at an early age. Her style has transformed over the years and merged into the world of electronic music, finding inspiration within the potential of modern music gear and software. While she is most known for her Seaboard playing, she has traveled the world demoing and performing with more than 20 different instruments at various events and music tradeshows. Now with over 300,000 social media followers and 15 million video views across the Internet, she finds joy in sharing knowledge and helping to inspire other producers around the world. Neon Vines seeks to blend the intricate and technical world of music production with the expressive, emotional world of musicianship to create a performance and sound that’s never been seen or heard.

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