Born in Texas, I am a local Dallas artist trying to spread my reach as far as possible using abstract concepts that preach no particular message other than an exploration of color and form. I have no end goal in mind when it comes to my work, everything is a process that happens of itself once I get into that clear headspace. I draw inspiration from past psychedelic voyages as well as Zen and Buddhist concepts.

My fascination with visionary art lead me to pursue a style that tries to capture the genesis of creation or thought to go deeper than the surface visuals. I like movement and balance, harmony and flow. Most of my work comes out in the form of a series, though unintentional, it is just the new inspiration for the time being and will most likely not be repeated again. With my practice in art, fitness, and curiosity, I hope to always grow in my craft and mind, bridging the gap to the infinite a little closer each day.